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May 26-27 - Conspiracy Con, Santa Clara, California. Speakers: Jordan Marnell, David Icke, William Thomas, Leonard Horowitz. For Information: Call 408-266-4749;

May 25-28 - First Annual Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference, Seattle, Washington. 206-329-1794. Email:

July 20-22, 2001 - MUFON 2001 International UFO Symposium,
Irvine, California: Hyatt Regency Irvine (Irvine, CA). Theme: Joining the Cosmic Neighborhood.

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September 14-16, 2001
- 38th Annual National UFO Conference, Austin, Texas. Speakers include: Jenny Randles, Constance Clear, Eugenia Macer-Story, Patrick Huyghe, Karl Pflock, Greg Bishop, Kenn Thomas, James Arthur, David Perkins, James Moseley and many many more speakers to be announced! Special Events include UFO Film Fest, Flying Saucer Rock n Roll, Workshops, Alien Cuisine, Panel Discussions and much more! Seating is limited so please inquire immediately: email: PO Box 33509, Austin, TX 78764

November 9-11, 2001
- Journeys Beyond Conference, Mobile, Alabama. For Information: Call 334-621-5750; e-mail:; e-mail

November 17-18 - Third Annual International UFO and New Age Symposium of Eastern-Europe, Balkans and Middle East, Istanbul, Turkey.