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My Cosmic Journal


10/09/2001 (Tu): Last night (the day after returning from the OBE workshop!) I encountered a single awakening spontaneous projection initiation (lying on my left side), at around 1:45 am (about 15 mins after first falling asleep). I mentally declared "Jeep now!" as a target technique to my vehicle and my vibrations revved up significantly. This caused a fear factor recoil back into physical awareness. I have little doubt that I could have willfully completed separation.

10/10/2001 (W): In my dream, last night, I was hopeful of the possible success of attaining an OBE when next I "fell asleep." I was in several unremembered public locations, in my dream.

10/10/2001 (W): During my afternoon nap, home on my work lunch hour, I felt the onset of mild vibrations. This startled me slightly and I quickly grounded myself against them. I can't recall ever feeling vibrations on my work lunch nap, before.

10/19/2001 (F): Did hemi-sync meditation last night, before bed. Many random(?) vivid memories rushed in to me throughout the session. Then I went to bed and had a lucid dream of hanging out with many old friends (including being on the old street with Stephanie S. and David S.). Tom J. said in the dream that his father was ill and in the hospital. David C. was speaking in sign language to a fellow student who was hard of hearing (Rush inpspired?)in sort of college class we were taking. The highlight of the dream was an OBE take-off tower that was pretty Lovecraftian spooky (essentially, one climbs to the top chamber of this roughly ten story tower and jumps out the window to “fly the astral plane.”) I was too nervous to even enter the tower, though mildly tempted – like I had agreed to the “spirits of the tower” to do it at some point, and got the feeling that no one else ever considered going into the tower.

10/20/2001 (Sa): The tower in my dream two nights ago appeared in the movie my wife and I saw last night, "From Hell." The tower is called "Cleopatra's Needle." I must look into any possible significance.

10/26/2001 (F): Did music meditation last night about 11pm ("Power of 7") and felt some in-meditation vibrations. During chakra tuning, as I got to the indigo, my pineal area started to pulse and I got the image of a flickering light bulb centered in my forehead. The light bulb became set in an indigo frame. The framed light bulb became the 'light desk toy' that I used to play with at my grandparents' house, as a child. I started to place items on the light desk and trace them. These items included heart shapes, smiley faces, a home, and money. It was an affirmation exercise of powerful feeling. (I had completely forgotten about that light desk many years ago!)

10/31/2001 (W): Upon falling asleep, I repeated thinking alternately "I will lucid dream" and "I am out of body," while visualizing my Jeep (target technique). Shortly after falling asleep, I was lucid dreaming that I was sitting out in my Jeep, in our driveway, waiting for my wife to come out (the Jeep was not where I actually parked it). I awoke while waiting.

Later in the night, I was dreaming that I was at AFFINA and contemplating attempting to project myself "when I fell asleep."

11/1/2001 (Th): Did music meditation (“Waves of Light”) last night (Halloween, full moon, through midnight). Napped briefly somewhere during the middle of it. Nothing relevant to mention.

11/2/2001 (F): Without any serious induction exercises at bedtime, I dreamt that I was in a weekend long OBE class, led by Bill Buhlman and somehow organized as part of my friend Dave D’s Wedding (this weekend). The dream was somewhat vivid, but not quite “lucid.” One scene of the dream took place in my Grandpa K’s kitchen where Bill Buhlman, Rich M., and I spun a giant globe and randomly dropped our pointy fingers down on Earthly locations and wondered aloud what it would be like for an extraterrestrial spirit to be born in human form in these places. I dropped my finger down in Central Russia near the North Pole.

11/6/2001 (Tu): I had a lucid dream that I was in bed and my wife kept poking at me (from her place in bed) to alert me to the presence of a bright light visiting us just outside our window.

11/15/2001 (Th): Did music meditation last night. Moldavite on heart chakra felt helpful.

11/20/2001 (Tu): Last night, listened to Rick Stack "Out of Body Adventures" book on tape. Excellent take on our purpose here on Earth, as well as great take-off tips.

7/6/2001: Last night was a full moon. I encountered a single awakening spontaneous projection initiation (lying on my back), at around 2 am, which I diverted (in my typical knee-jerk reaction).