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About "Exploring the Psyche"

by Joyce Hagelthorn

To me, TV is a window into the infinite. And for the last fourteen years, I’ve been fortunate to give my fans a look through that window.

Back in the Mid-1980’s, I launched a show on Dearborn’s cable system. Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, I wanted to call up, then master the magic at my command – to visit the vast landscape of the human mind, soul, and spirit. I called it “Exploring the Psyche.”

And like the sorcerer’s apprentice, I tentatively began to search for the key to enlightenment. First I called upon psychics, astrologers, and mediums. Then, I interviewed them in my best journalistic style.

But after a few shows, the whole thing sort of took on a life of its own.

We rolled into a kaleidoscope of ever fascinating topics and places: The pyramids. Alien abductions. Out of body experiences. We grew. Potential guests started to call me, asking to be on. Some of them are very well known, like Sol Lewis. Others are “just plain folks” with fantastic stories to tell, like Jamal, who took a bullet in his brain, was pronounced brain dead, and then was discovered alive in the morgue. And as we know from the success of shows like “X-Files,” “Sightings,” and “The Unexplained,” our audience loves every minute of it.

To this day, just before the red light on Camera One glows and I say, “Good evening and welcome to the ‘Exploring the Psyche Show,’” my heart leaps in my chest. I know I’m going to be elated, puzzled, maybe shocked by what happens in the next hour. Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, I know I’m not exactly in control.

But that’s OK. We’re surveying the universe, circling and hovering as things catch our eye. We go to the places where dreams happen: Alien spacecraft. The Face on Mars. Subtle energies. Crop circles. Other dimensions. The Bible Code. Life on other planets.

We search for insight from Jung, Cayce, and Nostradamus. We peek into alternative medicine. Into herbology, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Rolfing, reflexology, and reike…

We examine the CIA’s experiments with psychic remote viewing, two-way television and mind-altering chemicals. We want to know the relationships between healing, psychics, and spiritualism. And do we hear incredible stories! UFO’s, alien encounters, angels, out-of-body experiences, miracles, and premonitions that come true down to the minutest detail.

As we go forth into this new millennium, we know this time is unique in human history. And as a mother of six, and a journalist for half a century, I want my legacy to future generations to be the path to truth, a path set with bricks of knowledge. But it’s really the journey that counts in the final analysis.

Each week “Exploring the Psyche” gives our group of explorers an unprecedented opportunity to learn a bit more about the meaning and value of life’s journey, and what is there for all of us along the way.

Join us, won’t you … I’m certain that “Exploring the Psyche” will touch the sorcerer’s apprentice in you, too!