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The Life of Joyce Hagelthorn

Born and raised in the West, Joyce began her career in 1942 in Seattle, Washington, working as a reporter for the Seattle Post Intelligencer. A year later, she met her future husband, Ben, an Army Air Force pilot, while reporting for the Boise, Idaho Daily Statesman.

After the war ended, Joyce and Ben returned to Ben’s native Dearborn, where Joyce settled down to raise a family that would eventually consist of six kids, three boys and three girls.

In the mid-1960’s, Joyce began a ten-year-plus stint as Editor of the Dearborn Press, remaining in that role until the mid-1970’s.

In 1964m she began what was to be a 24-year run as a columnist for the Press. Her weekly column, Reflections, dealt with her thoughts on the human experience.

Reflections also turned out to be an episodic memoir of Joyce’s experiences growing up in rural Idaho. Her rich family life was punctuated by her mother’s psychic abilities, a healing gift, and an abiding faith in God.

Joyce’s curiosity about these experiences led her to a lifelong investigation into the paranormal and the unexplained that was eventually turned into a second newspaper column, I’ve Never Told Anyone But… .

In 1987, Joyce published a compilation of more than 800 I’ve Never Told Anyone columns in a book by the same name.

Persuaded to share her interest in the paranormal with an even wider audience, Joyce launched a radio show on Dearborn station WNIC, later on WWW in Flint, and eventually on WPON in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Following the popularity of her columns, books, and radio shows, in 1987, Joyce launched the “Exploring the Psyche” show on Dearborn’s cable TV system. In fourteen continuous years on the air, Joyce interviewed hundreds of guests.

She also gained notoriety as an insightful and entertaining speaker on the local lecture circuit.

Upon the loss of her spouse, Joyce wrote and published her second book, Letters to Ben, a powerful memoir of the days and weeks following the passing of her husband of 52 years.

Now, after having opened the minds of those who read, listened, and watched her and her fans, in return, having opened their hearts to this amazing and unique woman, Joyce has passed on to be with her beloved Ben.

She will be dearly missed.